Grant Thompson

Profile Updated: May 21, 2013
Residing In: Sioux City, IA USA
Spouse/Partner: Jill
Occupation: Publication Editor
Children: Elizabeth, born 1994
Garrett, born 2005
Yes! Attending Reunion

Well, let's see. Did the college thing (Morningside). Spent some time working in radio, in the news department as well as a disc jockey. Landed my dream job in 1994, as Editor of a commercial construction publication, printed in-house & distributed weekly, throughout the tri-state area.

I had a "starter marriage that didn't work out (1993-96) but I did end up with a wonderful daughter, who is now reminding me what teenage girls can be like, ha. As a matter of irony, she is graduating from East High School TONIGHT (5/21/13). I eventually gave marriage a 2nd chance and have been happily hitched for 11 years now, with a 7 year old son that I enjoy every moment I'm around him!

School Story:

First one that comes to mind: While my parents were away one weekend, I hosted a large "social gathering" of many East High comrades, at our home. It was a melee of underage drinking & approximately FOUR teenagers lost their virginity that night, in various places within my parent's home!

Several of my friends were good enough to stick around afterwards to clean up everything and I was quite confident that my parents would never know what occured. Two weeks later, my mother returned from Walgreens, after picking up her developed film from her camera. She found a photo that she had not taken, but I had. I was stupid (and inebriated) enough to have taken a picture of my class of '89 friend, Scott Barber, dancing in the kitchen while holding an open can of my father's favorite cheap beer of the era, Milwaukee's Best! Ah, good times! LOL

What do you like to do indoors?

Watching HD TV; playing pool, in the family room in the basement, spending time with the family, also into playing cribbage of all things.

What do you like to do outdoors?

Sitting on our deck, with a cocktail in hand and listening to the 80's channel on Sirius/XM radio.

What are your favorite forms of entertainment or hobbies?

My main hobby is that I umpire baseball from March-July every year. Everything from college level to high school to even young kids. It brings in extra $$$ for the household and well, I'm damn good at it. And who doesn't enjoy doing things they're good at? LOL

What pets do you have?

Unfortunately, the wife didn't have pets as a kid, so I haven't convinced her yet, to try one.

What type of person were you in high school?

Hmm, not very social with anyone other than close friends. I had a terrible issue with shyness. Wish I hadn't been that way, but it's water under the bridge. ;)

Coffee anyone?


What do you watch on TV?

Anything in high definition, ha. Obviously sports, but I'm even willing to watch the wife's favorite shows on TLC & HGTV, simply because of the quality, ha.

Choose: Bon Jovi or Def Leppard?

Def Leppard!

Wham! or Rick Springfield?

I've seen Rick in concert 10 times total, ranging from Des Moines Iowa to Norfolk Nebraska to Mitchell South Dakota to Milwaukee Wisconsin. It's RICK!

And by the way, he'll be in Sioux City, at HARLEY NIGHTS on June 15th! Go check out this old man who can still rock!

Huey Lewis & The News or Genesis?

OOH, very difficult choice. Back in the day, I would have chosen Huey. But I've gained a much greater appreciation of Phil, Mike & the boys over the I'll go with Genesis.

John Mellencamp or Bruce Springsteen?

ANOTHER very tough call, but for different reasons. I dislike the music of BOTH, very much. So after glancing at a list of each artist's top 40 hits, I came up with only one Mellencamp song I like (R.O.C.K. in the USA). Springsteen, I came up with a grand total of it's BRUCE.

How did you find out about

There are ALOT of our classmates touching base over there. It's pretty sweet how easy it is to type in your personal info and then to search for those of us that attended EHS, in the 80's. Go check it out, it won't take long to do!!!

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Grant Thompson has a birthday today.
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Grant Thompson has a birthday today.
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Grant Thompson has a birthday today.
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Grant Thompson has a birthday today.
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