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01/30/09 11:15 PM #90    

Chad Chartier

Hey All,
My two cents from out of state is. I would be just fine with 100 trucks in the back of bacon creek with 20 kegs and Frisby's and two orderes of refried beans with cheese from TJ's. Simply put, It's all about just getting together and catching up, we can do that anywhere, at anytime. Brad, is there a way to post 3 options on the site similar to the golf and picnic, where everyone can vote. Majority Rules and we all adapt. I think it would make sense to open an account, send in your vote, Send in your money, ASAP so we can get this put together. If someone commits and does not make it "We can Salute them". As I see it we need to put some money together then start planning so no one is getting stuck and we are not making plans outside the budget. It is extremely hard to plan any gathering without having a defined list of attendees that have made a financial commitment to support the event. Sorry I can not attend the meetings and I like all the ideas, "Even Vegas" -"I pitty the fool that lets the 89 class of east high have a reunion in Vegas but it did make me laugh for about 15 minutes thinking of what it would look like". Anyway, Post options, approx cost, vote, send money, relax with a beam and coke and cigar and start counting the days until we get to go back in time for a "Wild Weekend" Thoughts?

02/01/09 12:26 PM #91    

Cindy Franklin (French)

Hello Everyone!

Just found out about the reunion and this site yesterday. Thanks, Robin! I just wanted to thank everyone who is putting in their time and effort to plan this. I don't suppose I can do a lot from Florida to help, so I wanted to at least say a big THANK YOU to those who are organizing this. I know it's a big task to undertake.

Thanks, Brad for the site. It's great!

Look forward to seeing you-all in July!


02/01/09 03:39 PM #92    

Edward Matney

I just read Chad Chartier's post. I think he's got the right idea.

02/24/09 02:15 PM #93    

Travis Rappe

I was just on Heelans website(my son goes there,poor kid)the class of 1984 is having there 25yr reunion on the same day as ours. I think they are going to Buffalo Alices on Friday night and Saturday night they have a shelter at Memorial Field with music,food and beverages. Just thought you might want to know.

02/24/09 02:22 PM #94    

Brad Carl

Flag football at Roberts Stadium!

1989 EHS vs 1984 Heelan

02/24/09 02:23 PM #95    

Brad Carl

Ah, who am I kidding?

Make it tackle.

02/24/09 06:35 PM #96    

Grant Thompson

Let's find those shirts that the East kids were wearing at the most recent East-Heelan basketball game...that said: Jesus loves us too......for FREE! And we wear those, in BA's, on Friday night! LOL

02/25/09 10:25 PM #97    

Bart Miller

(Who's on the prank committee?)

02/26/09 02:02 AM #98    

Edward Matney

I nominate Grant and Bart.

02/26/09 01:49 PM #99    

Grant Thompson

I can't keep a straight face....I nominate the webmaster of this fine site!

02/26/09 04:56 PM #100    

Brad Carl

I learned how to keep a straight face from I'm OUT. ;)

03/01/09 01:33 AM #101    

Bart Miller

Ed has to defend me if I get arrested!

03/03/09 04:57 AM #102    

Edward Matney

Good deal, Brenna. So, it looks like we have our prank committee (Bart and Brenna). I guess that makes me the "consigliere."

03/11/09 10:38 AM #103    

Danelle Foreshoe (Sample)

Hi guys, I love this site. I can't wait to get together with everyone and see you. I had so much fun at the 10 year and I can't wait for this one. Let me know when the meeting are and I can be there. See you all soon

04/05/09 01:08 PM #104    

Tricia Frederick (Carrell-Carman)

Next reunion meeting set for Thursday April 16 @ Bob Roe's 6:30pm. This would be a great meeting not to miss as finalizing of plans, dates, times, costs, etc. need to be set. If you haven't yet attended and can we would appreciate all the help we can get. The last meeting was set for a Sunday evening as a large portion of the group felt Sun evenings were less congested schedule wise, however there was very little turn out. Please make this a priority. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
Tricia (Frederick)Carrell-Carman

04/17/09 10:10 AM #105    

Brian Lester

I think that was a productive meeting last night. My head hurts though. Remind me next time not to drink that much.

04/17/09 08:48 PM #106    

Grant Thompson

I'm SO bummed that I had to miss the meeting, but money talks. Umpiring baseball games for $110 a pop is hard to turn down. I was especially bummed after hearing that Mr. Lester and Mr. Houpt showed up! LOL Ironically, Brad & I have discussed doing a "Reunion Moundball" game, that July weekend! Wouldn't THAT be a hoot! :)

Anyhoo, thanks to my wife (Jill) for being my proxy and Trish for running well as everyone that came to throw in their two cents.

We'll open up registration this coming week, so people can officially begin signing up to attend the 20 year reunion gala event!!!

Thanks again and next meeting is Sunday, May 3rd, 6:30pm @ Bob Roes. Any and all classmates are invited to attend. Any ideas, suggestions & help are appreciated!

04/23/09 11:08 AM #107    

Brad Carl

Reminder: Lester, next time don't drink so much, K?

05/01/09 12:16 PM #108    

Grant Thompson

Hey everyone,

Just your weekly reminder, concerning the Class of 1989 EHS Reunion.

Thank you to those that have already filled out the online registration. We ask and remind each of you folks to send in your registration fee as soon as you can. We're trying to get everything covered financially, on this end. Things such as: Banquet room rental at the Stoney Creek Inn, catering costs for the happy hour & dinner, the DJ from the local radio station, nametags, amongst other items needed to try to make this a fun weekend for all classmates attending, July 24th & 25th.

Coming up with a headcount of who all will be attending is important as well. So, when the moment arrives that you are pretty much for sure that you will be attending the reunion, please get that online registration filled out, ASAP. Even if it will be a couple more weeks before you can send off the money, at least we'll know ahead of time that you're going to be a part of the weekend's festivities!

We're approximately six weeks away from the registration deadline and time is going to fly by. Please make the time, sooner rather than later, to determine if you're going to be attending the reunion. Thanks everyone!

The EHS Class of '89 Reunion Committee

P.S. If any classmates have any suggestions for the reunion or are willing to help out in some fashion, that weekend, please feel free to post something here on the message forum!

06/15/09 12:39 PM #109    

Grant Thompson

Hey there,

Just a notice, that registration for the Sioux City East Class of 1989 Reunion, has been extended to July 1st!!!

Once again, the main reunion event will be occuring on Saturday, July 25th, at the Stoney Creek Inn & Suites, in downtown Sioux City. Food, drinks, music and re-connecting with friends from back in the day! Currently, almost a third of our senior class has registered to attend the reunion! The more that can make it, the more fun it will be. Cost is $30 per person (spouses and/or guests are welcome - $60 per couple), which will defray the cost of putting this shin-dig on, ha.


We really hope that each and every one of you will consider attending. It should be a good time!

East Class of 1989 Reunion Committee

06/16/09 03:44 PM #110    

Grant Thompson

Hello Everyone - Exciting times as we complete construction and open our doors June 19, 2009.

We are currently working on the website but last week several pictures were downloaded to our website On the first page of the website in the bottom left hand corner you will see the box "SCI to Open in Sioux City." Click on, "Click here for more information." Under Sioux City - the top right hand corner, click, "reserve a room today." The photos will populate on the right hand side. By Friday, June 19th, there will be more photos of the bar, the lobby, the breakfast area, etc.

Please continue to make all reservations through the (800) number as we are not open until this weekend.

If anyone is having problems making reservations or needs my assistance please feel free to give me a call at (515) 988-3548. I am located in Sioux City. Look forward to a fun and successful reunion. The property is incredible!!!

06/26/09 04:10 PM #111    

Jennifer Olson (Schiltz)

Hi everyone! I will be in town July 17th thru the 26th. If there is anything that you all need help with, please let me know. Thanks :)

07/16/09 01:34 AM #112    

Andrew Guarneri

Hello Everyone, looking forward to seeing everyone in another week.
As I know everyone will want to remember this great event, I am offering reunion shirts for the small fee of $6.50. This will help cover my cost of the shirts, printing and shipping. I will print these in my store so we are not paying a third party to do anything. It is a white short sleeved t-shirt that comes in Adult Small thru Adult XXXL.
XXL is $7.50 and XXXL is $8.50
I will ship them from my store to Sioux City on Wednesday, July 22nd so I will need orders by Monday, July 20th. Send me an email at to order. SEE THE PICTURES ON MY PROFILE PAGE, Andrew Guarneri. Thanks to Kristi Pittman (Brygger) for designing these.
I will just collect cash from everyone that orders at the event.
Take care,
Drew Guarneri

07/26/09 02:40 AM #113    

Edward Matney

Thank you to everyone involved in organizing the reunion festivities. It was a great time!

08/03/09 03:48 PM #114    


Claire Torbensen-Armstrong

I was happy to catch up with quite a few folks at the reunion. It was a short visit , considering the number of classmates that attended. I definitely missed some people I would have liked to met up with again, after all of these years. Thanks to all of the people who organized the events-bummer more people didn't come to the picnic. I'm still hanging on a little nostalgia. Be well.

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